Providing senior living service with passion

We pride ourself in providing the highest quality care at the most affordable price around. We treat everyone living in our home and our guests with a caring compassion that defines us. 


We're serving the growing needs of the aging population who want to maintain as much independence as possible but may need some help with care. Choose an assisted living and memory care that strives to provide care until end of life. 

A great alternative to yesterdays nursing home: 

  • Our trained caregivers are on-site 24/7 to provide supervision and assistance with care.

    • Here is a list of a just few types of care we can provide in our communities:
      - Medication setup and administration
      - Diabetic management (including sliding scale insulin)
      - Meal preparation and assistance with feeding
      - Bathing assistance
      - Dressing and grooming
      - Incontinence management (with assistance of up to 2 caregivers)
      - Routine safety checks
      - Coumadin management
      - Tube feeding
      - Click here to learn about all the cares we can provide

  • Our caregivers are scheduled in a way to help promote recognition and reassurance for your loved one. This allows each caregiver to provide care in a individualized manner while learning your loved one's routines.

  • We have a smaller, more homelike atmosphere that is easy to navigate. Our simple floor plans allow each resident to live more independently while receiving the right care at the right time.

  • We work closely with local health care providers to help enhance and maintain a better understanding of your loved ones medical needs.

  • A beauty/barbershop is available on-site where residents have the opportunity to have their hair done each week. Transportation can also be arranged to their favorite beauty and barbershop that they have been going to for years.

  • Activities are scheduled throughout the day and we invite our local churches, music groups and child care organizations to join us to provide a multi-generational experience.

  • We offer home cooked meals prepared from scratch and served in our beautiful community dining rooms.

Men's Memory Care

Not all memory care is created equal and that is why we have specially crafted an environment that is geared towards men but has enough soft touch to properly care for them as they live with dementia.

Click here to learn more about men's memory care.

Behavioral Health (BHI)

We have teamed up with a primary care provider and behavioral health specialist to promote a unique care model called Behavioral Health Integration (BHI). Our goal is to offer residents with dementia a comprehensive care plan that is integrated between a collaborative team of experts that each play a role in their well-being and success.

Click here to learn more about our behavioral health program.

Hospice Care

Olive Grove Hospice is built on the same vision that our assisted living and memory care company was founded on, and that is to serve people better, and serve them better than anyone else. Our hospice team is fully integrated into our housing communities, and that level of involvement allows us to provide seamless care.

Click here to learn more about our hospice company.